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Mitchell Fragala

Lead frontend engineer at Sanity

Things I’ve made

  • optimage 🪄

    Optimize your images for the web easily by automatically converting to modern image formats and several responsive sizes

  • monnais 💰

    Convert between 151 currencies using the latest exchange rates to see how much an amount in one currency is in another

  • felino 🐈

    Keep your codebase tidy by setting naming conventions for files and directories — like linting, but for files instead of code

  • iconophor 💡

    CDN for popular icon libraries that lets you optimize and reduce markup bloat

  • slother 🦥

    Keep your UI snappy by offloading CPU-intensive tasks, but in a lazy way — worker pools that lazy-load when used and spawn new threads as needed

  • eslint-plugin-path-alias ⚙️

    Keep your codebase tidy and your imports consistent by enforcing path aliases via ESLint — hands-free thanks to auto-fix magic ✨

  • ssws 🧀

    Bring the magic of Svelte to your React codebase by using Svelte-like stores for state management — more fun for less bytes

  • dhas 🕵️

    Safely check deep property paths in objects and arrays — on sale for just 160 bytes 😉

  • sanity-plugin-youtube-input 📺

    YouTube videos now in Sanity! Add in a video URL or ID to populate data from YouTube, and preview videos in your studio with adaptive embeds